Turnt Up News – Hip-Hop Podcast With a Twist

Turnt Up News is a Denver-based hip-hop podcast. Lance Mijares started the show in his laundry room six years ago and credits the popularity of the podcast to consistency and a loyal fan base.

Americans express particular concern about made-up news, with sharp partisan differences in assigning blame. Most cite political leaders and activist groups as the primary sources of such misinformation.

Founded by Lance Mijares

Keke Palmer is a talented actress and talk show host, but she’s also got quite the range. She plays every member of the dysfunctional Taylor family in Facebook Watch’s campy Turnt Up with the Taylors, a parody of reality TV that skewers “people really living in that kind of hyper-reality.” With some wigs and light prosthetics, she can transform into Barbie, the narcissistic daughter; Lil Thad, the smooth-talking son; Miranda, the fierce matriarch; Rick, the spirited father, and Gammy Tay, the brazen grandmother.

Lance Mijares started his podcast six years ago in a laundry room at his daughter’s mother’s house, between paying jobs. He credits his success to consistency and a dedicated fan base.

It’s a podcast

Many news publishers are developing daily podcasts to extend and promote their journalism in an audio format. These include traditional newspapers, such as The New York Times and BBC, and national broadcasters, such as NPR and NBC News. Some of these podcasts feature a single presenter with a single story, while others are produced by a large team and are updated multiple times each day.

Almost half of podcast listeners say they trust the news they hear on podcasts more than from other sources, and nearly three-quarters report hearing news they would not have heard elsewhere. In contrast, only a fifth of podcast listeners trust the news they read or watch on TV.

A podcast is a digital audio file that can be downloaded and played on a computer, smartphone or tablet. It is a popular way to consume news and information, especially for people on the go. It has become a crucial part of the media ecosystem, and it has transformed how we communicate and connect with each other. The popularity of podcasts has led to an increase in the number of content creators and consumers, which is driving growth for this industry.

Podcast listeners are interested in a variety of genres and topics, from music to politics to crime stories. The popularity of podcasts has also impacted the news and media industry, as more people are choosing to use this medium as their main source of information. There are more than 12,000 new podcasts released each year, many of which focus on news and politics.

One of the most popular news podcasts is Serial, which was developed as a spin off from the American public radio show This American Life. The first two series of this hit podcast received 340m downloads and helped to spark a new wave of true crime investigations, including Breaking Bad’s S-Town and the Australian podcast The Teacher’s Pet.

The New York Times launched its daily podcast The Daily in 2017 and now employs around 15 people dedicated to this project – a much smaller staff than it has for its weekly chat/interview shows. This is in part because the production costs are lower for a deep-dive daily news show than a catch-up radio bulletin.

It’s a TV show

As more TV shows crowd the airwaves, creators are finding new ways to distinguish their series from the pack. Taking inspiration from real-life news events is one way to do it, as evidenced by the success of Inventing Anna and Moon Knight. Another approach is to draw on popular culture for inspiration, as in the case of Keke Palmer’s Facebook Watch series Turnt Up with the Taylors, which satirizes family reality shows. Palmer plays all five of the show’s wacky characters, including Barbie, the narcissistic daughter; Lil Thad, the smooth-talking son; Miranda, the fierce matriarch; Rick, the spirited father; and Gammy Tay, the brazen grandma.

Turnt Up News started six years ago when producer Lance Mijares began recording hip-hop podcasts in his laundry room between paying jobs. The show’s popularity grew as local artists and their fans circulated the episodes online, and eventually Mijares was able to land an internship at Denver’s FLO 107.1. His success inspired him to attend Colorado Media School, which offered broadcasting certifications, and he now hosts a morning radio show. He credits the show’s longevity to consistency and a dedicated audience. He also believes that the podcast format has a greater impact than television because of the connection between listeners and hosts.

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