Things to Do in Campo California

There are many great things to do in Campo, California. From the Maritime Museum and Sea World San Diego to the beautiful scenery, there is always something to enjoy. Check out our list of activities in and around this historic community. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, there is something to please everyone.


There are plenty of things to do in Campo California for settlers, including visiting the historic town of Cameron Corners, which was named for a pioneer family. Another area of interest is Milquatay, a community where descendants of the original inhabitants still live. The town is also home to the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum Association, which is part of the San Diego Historical Society.

The area was populated by Yaqui Indians, who had been pressed into service by the Mexican army. On the other hand, there were settlers who fought to save their people. At Ensenada, they killed three Mexican soldiers and gained their freedom. They then outfitted themselves with Remington rifles and ammunition and set out for the mountain country of Campo.

Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum in Campo California is a great place to see old sailing ships. It has eight historic ships including the renowned Star of India, which sailed the world 21 times. It is one of the oldest sailing ships still in existence. It is also home to a few spooky stories.

The museum has one of the most comprehensive collections of historic vessels in the world. This includes five ships and two submarines, including the Soviet B-39 submarine and the USS Dolphin research ship. It also features a renowned research library and fun kid’s exhibits. There are souvenirs and educational books for sale, too.

Sea World San Diego

SeaWorld San Diego is an animal theme park and oceanarium located in San Diego, California. The park features an oceanarium, marine mammal park, and an outside aquarium. It is owned and operated by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment. You can take your family or friends to see some of the most fascinating creatures in the world.

SeaWorld San Diego is located at 500 Sea World Drive. The park is close to the LEGOLAND California theme park and Ocean Beach. In December, you can enjoy a special Balboa December Nights event at the SeaWorld. Getting there: SeaWorld is just 123 miles from the Los Angeles International Airport. You can drive or take the shuttle from the airport.

Transportation to and from SeaWorld San Diego is included in the admission price. You can also opt to get transportation from your hotel to the park. If you do not want to drive, you can take the free shuttle from Kettner Blvd. SeaWorld is a 200-acre marine adventure park with dozens of rides, shows, and unforgettable animal encounters. The park’s signature rides include the famous Pets Rule, where you can chase a pet with its tail. Another exciting ride at SeaWorld is Shipwreck Rapids, which includes a wave ride.

The park is best enjoyed on a day when the weather is warm and comfortable. It is busy during the summer months, but fall and spring are much less busy. You can spend a full day at SeaWorld San Diego. It is recommended that you arrive early in order to catch the Dolphin Island Christmas Show.

While you’re at SeaWorld, be sure to take the time to watch one of the park’s spoofs. The comedy-themed show “Sea Lions LIVE” features the clever canines parodying popular TV shows, such as “Dancing with the Stars.” There’s also a short film called Sea Rescue, which tells about the rescue team’s marine animal rescues. The park also offers the Electric Ocean show, which features dancers, lasers, and acrobats. During the night, the Manta ride lights up with lighted effects.

There are more than 100 acres of grounds at SeaWorld, so there’s plenty to see and do. You can even touch or interact with dolphins and other animals in the exhibits. Orcas, belugas, walruses, penguins, sharks, and rays are just a few of the amazing creatures you can see at the park. You can even book a one-on-one experience with an animal. There are also day camps for kids and family sleepovers.

Camp Lockett Event and Equestrian Facility

Camp Lockett Event and Equestrial Facility is located in southern California and features two full-size arenas and plenty of trailer parking. The arenas are each 300 X 150 feet and can be set up for a variety of events, including barrel racing and timed events. The facility also has a sound booth and sign-up counter.

The facility was originally a military camp for the Army Calvary. It came into County ownership in the 1950s. Today, the property is maintained by a group known as the Camp Lockett Interest Group. This group oversees the facility and offers a variety of services to the surrounding community.

The facility’s mission is to educate and encourage the public to appreciate the history of the area and the local community. The organization works with several nonprofit groups, including the local San Ysidro Health and the Motor Transport Museum. A new library is planned for the facility.

A number of equestrian events were held at Camp Lockett. One of them is the Mutton Busting. It is a competitive event where cowboys and cowgirls make one turn to the right and two turns to the left. The facility also features barrel racing. The competition requires cowgirls to make two turns to the left and one turn to the right.

The equestrian facility is located at 799 Forrest Gate Rd, Campo, California 91906 US. It has received numerous reviews from customers and has received 4.8 stars. It is one of the best equestrian facilities in the area. It is located near the Imperial Beach. It is recommended to call ahead and schedule a reservation. You can also check out the website for more information.

Camp Lockett’s history is very important to the African-American community of San Diego. Many black horse soldiers served in the U.S. Army during World War II, and faced numerous obstacles to serve their country. Their hard work and dedication was rewarded with distinction. This was the time when Americans were battling racist ideologies on two fronts. It’s important to understand how prevalent the bigotry was within the military during the war.

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