The World’s Largest Domestic Cat

Barivel is the world’s largest domestic cat and lives in Pavia, Italy. It is so large, it gets a lot of attention while out walking and is often carried by humans in a buggy. At just over four years old, this feline is still growing and could become even larger.

Arcturus Aldebaran Powers is the world’s tallest domestic cat

Arcturus Aldebaran Power’s impressive stature is no surprise. He stands at 19 inches (48 centimeters), which is nearly three feet taller than the average domestic cat. The pet also holds the world record for the longest tail. He lives with Will and Lauren Powers in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Powers adopted both of his cats from shelters and a breeder in Traverse City, Michigan, called Starfell Savannahs. The Powers have two Savannah cats, Arcturus and Cygnus. Both of them have lived with the couple since they were two months old.

The couple plans to use the newfound fame to help other cats. They will continue their charity work in Detroit and the suburbs. The pair will also use their newfound fame to raise awareness for cats in need. They have both been featured in a story on the Guinness World Records website in September. One challenge Cygnus faced when he was growing was the length of his tail. Because it was so long, Cygnus would often get caught in doors and dip into things. Arcturus’ size was another challenge.


Ragdoll cats were developed during the 1960s in the United States. Breeder Ann Baker selected cats with certain aesthetic and temperamental traits and crossed them with each other to create the Ragdoll. During the breeding process, Josephine was born. As a result, the breed is one of the largest registered breeds of domestic cats in the world. However, it has been suspected that Josephine may have been a hybrid.

Ragdoll cats are large cats, often over twice the size of an average domestic cat. The males of this breed are about 20 pounds and the females are about half that size. They are quite intelligent, but do not like to be cuddled.

Ragdoll cats have beautiful, deep blue eyes. The deep color of these eyes is caused by genes that produce point coloration. Some Ragdolls have more intense shades of blue, which is why they are popular for cat shows. Ragdoll cats come in six distinct colors, including ‘dilutes’ of chocolate, red, and blue, lilac, and cream. In addition, there are lynx-colored and tortoiseshell varieties. While they are born as white kittens, Ragdolls achieve full color at three to four years of age.

As a pet, a Ragdoll can weigh up to 20 pounds. This is quite unusual for a domestic cat, who typically weighs eight to ten pounds. They are also docile, but they may consume bedding and toys faster than most cats. On average, a ragdoll will cost around $240 per year in food.

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