There are many ways to organize your Lego pieces. You can purchase a plastic organizer, make your own, or use an organizer made out of old wood. You can also purchase an organizer made of wood and slide it underneath the coffee table. Another great idea is a playmat that doubles as a storage container and can be folded when not in use.

IKEA Torfast system

One of the most common systems for LEGO storage is the IKEA Trofast system. This storage system allows you to create multiple configurations and is available in many colors. It also has different sizes for storage bins so you can easily sort your LEGO bricks. You can mix and match sizes as your collection grows.

The Trofast system has many great uses. For example, it is a fantastic way to organize LEGO by colour, size, and set. It is also a great way to create a LEGO desk. You can find a tutorial for this on The Handy Man’s Daughter’s blog. You can also use the Trofast system to build a table for LEGO play.

Trofast units are useful for storing a variety of items, such as LEGOs and schoolwork. These units have plastic runners and grooves that can hold multiple works-in-progress at one time. You can use them to organize your schoolwork or create complex scenes. You can even place books or toys in them, and you can even use the tabletop support to prop up your creations.

Another great use for the Trofast system is as a desk. You can combine the units with a pine board. Make sure the board is the same length as the Trofast units. You can then use right-angled brackets to hold the wood in between the units. You can add chairs under the middle section to complete the desk.


If you’re looking for the perfect storage solution for your Lego collection, look no further than the BOX4BLOX. This innovative, Made in the USA product features four trays with different sized sorting holes. Each tray is colored to match the Lego blocks, and is made of high quality ABS material.

It looks like a stack of Lego bricks and can hold up to 1800 Legos. Simply place Legos in them and it will automatically sort them into the appropriate tray. You can sort them as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Box4Blox can hold up to 1800 Legos and will automatically sort them by size.

Swoop bag

Swoop bags are a great choice for LEGO storage. They are easy to open and are perfect for all toys. Before you purchase a Swoop bag, consider your child’s preferences and the size of the Legos you plan to store. If your child is still small, a smaller bag will be just right for the smaller pieces.

Legos can easily get messy, so a bag can help keep them organized. You can get one that has compartments for small and large parts. Alternatively, you can use a jewelry box organizer to store them. You can stack duplicate heads and torsos. You can also stack several torsos in one container to reduce clutter.

Swoop Bags come in different sizes and colors. The larger ones are 16 inches wide when opened and are available in many colors. They are made in Seattle, Washington, from water-resistant nylon/poly fabric. This ensures that your Swoop Bag will last for many years. If you choose a mini version, you can even add shelves for storage.

Swoop bags are made from fabric circles. You can find templates online or print them out. To start sewing, fold your fabric in quarters, place the template on the second piece of fabric and sew. Once you have sewn the first piece, you can start sewing the strips. You should sew the right sides together.

Tool chest

When your child is tasked with organising their LEGOs, a tool chest might be the perfect solution. It’s a great way to store drill bits, screws, and minifigures, and it’s affordable, too. It can even serve as a mobile build your own minifigure kit.

Another great storage idea for your child’s LEGOs is to sort them by colour. This keeps them off the floor and helps your little builder learn about colors. There are storage bins available at IKEA that can be labeled blue, red, and green. These bins can also serve as a place to keep mini figures.

If your child is the daring type, a tool chest can be a perfect option. It is inexpensive, sturdy, and can be taken anywhere. It can also be used to store small LEGO pieces, too. To make this idea even more useful, you can place a small storage box inside. The tool chests come in two sizes.

Wall space

There are several ways to organise Legos, including hanging baskets. These are often found in home goods stores or online. The best part about these baskets is that they can be easily removed from the wall to be played with. Then, hang them back up when your child has finished building. You can also find desktop file organizers, which offer plenty of storage and sit on a flat surface. They are useful for storing different kinds of legos in a single, neat location. One type of organizer comes with a clear lid for displaying colourful bricks, while another type is opaque and can be placed on a wall.

While most Lego walls are fixed in place, some are mobile, allowing you to move the baseplates around as you please. This way, you can build your own creative space in one day. You can also use baseplates in other places, such as in an office. In this way, you can change the shape of your wall to suit your creative needs.

Hanging buckets are another great storage option. These are great for large or small collections of Legos. They can also be used for teaching purposes. For example, they can be used to store Legos by size or colour. If your collection is quite large, you may want to invest in larger containers. You can also use large plastic bins to keep all of your Legos in order.

IKEA expedit

For those of you with a young child who is in love with LEGO, you might want to consider an IKEA expedit LEGO organizer. It has several shelves and drawers that can store your child’s toys and accessories. You can also color-code your pieces to make finding and accessing them easier.

This chest of drawers, which comes in untreated wood, is a perfect fit for storing and displaying LEGO. It has a large surface area for displaying your models while still providing a lot of storage space. You can even use plastic storage boxes to keep the inside of the sideboard open for easy access.

Another popular IKEA expedit LEGO organizer idea is a table that can serve dual purposes. Its double-sided surface is a great building surface, with the other side completely clear. The height of the table is adjustable, making it ideal for kids of all ages. You can also choose to make your own version of the table, with green LEGO baseplates on one side and a smooth side on the other.

The most effective and affordable way to store LEGO is to purchase a Kallax unit from IKEA. This incredibly useful organizer is affordable and can be placed anywhere in your home. It also has windows to display your collection. And it is also sturdy, which makes it a great storage solution. The downside of this unit is that it can attract untold amounts of dust, so you’ll probably want to make sure your child uses a protective cover for their LEGO pieces.

IKEA samla tubs

IKEA samla tubs are a great choice for LEGO storage. They have a divider system that keeps LEGOs organised by colour. You can also use them as a Lego table and play mat. These are just a few ideas of how to use IKEA samla tubs for LEGO storage.

If you are planning to use the IKEA samla tubs for LEGO storage, try painting the wooden frame white. You can also use a filing cabinet to keep your LEGO instruction books. These are easy to access and stack nicely. They also feature lids for storage.

Another idea is to use plastic shoe organizers. These are a great choice for medium-sized LEGOs because they come with sealable lids. They also keep LEGOs off the floor and help kids separate them into categories based on their preferences. The SAMLA box is also ideal for larger LEGO pieces.

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