LEGO Organizer Ideas

Having a Lego organizer can help you avoid the messiness that comes with Lego. Lego is a great toy, but the mess it leaves behind is ugly. A Lego organizer can reduce the amount of mess your children create. It also makes cleanup much easier. Here are some ideas for a Lego organizer: Fabric bins, IKEA’s expedit, and Trofast systems. These systems are very popular, and you may find one that works well for your family.

IKEA’s Trofast system

Using IKEA’s Trofast system as a LEGO organizer idea can be both stylish and functional. For example, one Trofast unit can be turned into a bench seat or a sectional couch. Then, another unit can be transformed into a work surface or a play area.

You can also use Trofast units as basic storage shelves in your child’s room. These can be purchased in a variety of colours to match the other items in the room. You can also use the storage tubs in the Trofast system as storage for clothing and shoes.

One great way to use IKEA’s Trofast system as a LEGO organizer is to make use of the storage bins. Unlike the traditional bins, Trofast bins can be used for other purposes as well. They’re convenient and compact and perfect for homes with limited space. These bins also work well without the Flisat table.

IKEA’s expedit

For a great solution to LEGO storage, consider the use of an IKEA expedit shelf. This shelving unit has plastic storage boxes that let you see what’s inside. It’s also functional as a table top, which can be used for other purposes besides LEGO storage.

Another great idea is to color-code Lego pieces. A similar shelving unit has several different drawers that you can label with different colors. You can also add a lego board to one of the top shelves. This will allow you to display completed designs. The rest of the shelves are great for storing Lego Minifigures.

Another great LEGO organizer idea is to use an Ikea Kallax unit. These units are very practical and eye-catching. They are also durable and will keep your LEGO sets organized. However, the downside is that they will attract untold amounts of dust.

IKEA’s samla tubs

LEGO fans everywhere may want to use IKEA’s samla storage tubs to keep their LEGO pieces organized. This sturdy plastic box has a lid designed to resemble a LEGO baseplate, and each compartment can contain a specific number of LEGO pieces. These containers can be used as storage bins, or they can be built inside of them for greater play potential.

Alternatively, you can buy a lego bag to store your legos. One of the bags can double up as a play mat. In addition to this, the samla tubs have dividers to help keep the lego in order. These storage containers are also available online.

IKEA has a large selection of storage solutions that are great for storing LEGO. The samla tubs are a great option for storing LEGOs, and you can also use IKEA’s Lack tables or Trofast bins as a LEGO organizer.

Using fabric bins

Fabric bins make an excellent solution for storing Legos, but they don’t keep them sorted. Instead, smaller bins can be used to separate the different types of Legos and store them according to color or theme. If your children are young, you can even use labels to label the bins so that they don’t accidentally step on a Lego.

LEGO storage ideas help keep bricks off the floor and can help little builders learn colors and how to sort. Fabric bins, such as those available at IKEA, can be labelled with the colors blue, red, and green so that children can find their Legos by color. You can also label them with different things, such as mini figures.

Fabric bins are a great solution for LEGO organization, since they’re inexpensive and fit into many different locations. You can also use clear plastic organizers to keep small LEGO sets in one place and larger ones on a shelf. Alternatively, you can use a large organizer box to organize LEGOs. You can even buy a LEGO themed shelf to display your collection.

Using a tool chest

Tool chests can be a great place to store your LEGO collection. They can hold various tools, as well as other small items, and they can be stacked for extra storage. Tool chests are also great for storing large items such as blocks. By using tool chests to store LEGO, you’ll save a lot of space while still having plenty of room for your child to play with the LEGOs.

A classic tool chest is also the perfect solution for storing loose LEGOs. This piece storage solution is cheap, simple, and has many different compartments for storing different LEGO pieces. Plus, a tool chest with different compartments is a great solution for overnight visits! A simple tool chest can be bought for less than $10 and will be sure to meet your child’s storage needs.

Tool chests are also great for storing LEGOs as they can be organized by color or type. However, drawers can be pricey and require regular upkeep. Not everyone has the time to dedicate to the task.

Using a closet organizer

A LEGO closet organizer is a simple, but practical solution to keeping your child’s collection organized. It’s especially convenient if you have multiple children, because you can use one closet organizer for each. For added decoration, you can place display jars or vases of LEGO bricks. You can color code them to create an eye-catching display. The under-bed storage bin you can make from hardware store items is a great option as well.

You can also use hanging closet organizers to maximize vertical space. Whether you have a small playroom or a spacious bedroom, you can transform any space into a LEGO storage center. The most useful closet organizers can be hung on the wall. You can also use a pegboard wall to store small LEGO pieces. You can even use a crylic lazy susan with dividers to separate them by color or piece type.

Many parents have made clever ways to store LEGO sets. One way to keep them organized is to place them in transparent storage boxes. This way, you can easily see what you’re looking for. This storage option isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing, but it does the trick for short-term storage.

Using a tabletop

A tabletop is a great place to use for LEGO organization. You can use it to place your LEGOs in color order and minimize the mess. If you’re worried about your child getting frustrated with the mess, you can purchase a plastic drawer sorter set to keep things in order. They have different color drawers that can help you organize your Legos by color. Another option is to use acrylic stacking drawers with color name labels.

Another option is to use an IKEA Trofast storage unit. These are cheap and easy to assemble. You can even make the tabletop into a building surface. To start, you’ll need two fifteen-inch gray LEGO baseplates and two storage tubs. Once you’ve placed them in place, you can glue them to the tabletop using E6000 glue. You can also use double-sided tape to secure the LEGOs to the table.

Another great option for a LEGO organizer is a tabletop that’s already in use. A tabletop can be a great activity table for kids and can serve as a LEGO storage center. You can also use a cubby with a basket underneath as storage.

Using a lazy susan

Using a lazy susan as a LEGO organizer idea is a great solution for storing small or color-coded LEGOs. The rotating mechanism allows kids to grab the pieces they need and store them in an easily accessible location. This simple idea will also work on shelves, tabletops, and even under a coffee table!

If your child is into Legos, then a lazy susan makes an excellent solution. The spinning top has four separate compartments so kids can easily find the Legos they need. A pegboard is another excellent solution for storing toys and supplies. You can even dedicate a pegboard area for LEGOs!

One of the main benefits of using a lazy susan as a LEGO organizing idea is that it promotes creativity. Kids will be able to access their projects easily and display their finished works. A child’s imagination will soar with this system!

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